[Fr.] pamela pianezza’s initial plan was to become a spy but she never found who she would happily spy for. instead she became a multimedia artist and a visual arts teacher, researching the various possible shapes of storytelling.

she mainly works with images and text (whose relationship she likes to explore) but also with sounds, collages and performance.

artistic residencies have offered her the opportunity to collaborate with other artists or researchers: with a philosopher for her latest solo show (« young philosophers, a photo novel ») or with the musicians she’s now touring with and for whom she wrote « ebony », a stage play on our collective memory of slavery.

having studied both arts and journalism and having worked as a “grand reporter” in the film industry for a while, she found her favorite playground at the border between fiction and documentary. (cinema influenced her visual grammar but literature is for sure her first source of inspiration.)

she’s based in bordeaux and doesn’t like to get too far away from the sea.

studio contact:

pianezzastudio [at]
IG : pamelapianezza



represented by Out of the box / Jeannie Raymond

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a few words by fellow artists :

“More than the obvious”, by Katarina Tomkova (2020)

Pamela Pianezza interviewée par le Lab Femmes de cinéma (2020)

“Le bleu du ciel dans le carré du Holga”, par Yannick Vigouroux (2012)

“Pamela dreams about pictures”, by Julie Gibbons (2012)


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