“More than the obvious”

The work of Pamela Pianezza reflects a perception of an artist being curious about more than the obvious: the unique ability to grasp the core of her objects – those being characters, environments, actions – in a simple, yet analytical manner, shows a creative skill that not only defines emotion, but also constructs it, making the audience not only enjoy what is offered to the eye, but also offers deep understanding.

Pianezza’s recurring approach of placing and understanding art forms as equal elements of her interpretative universe, or – two sides of a the same coin, if you will – build up an exceptional platform where images speak louder than words and words paint the most exquisite pictures, engaging the recipient to become a part of a miraculous, parallel world where rare secrets are tenderly whispered into one’s ear, as the artist’s story reveals.

Katarina Tomkova, writer & producer
Prague, 2020