what stories do we tell (ourselves), how and why ?
what stories do we tend to forget, how and why ?
here’s what i’m interested in.

first i care about the story, then i wonder what medium would make it come to life in the most accurate way.
(sometimes it happens the other way around.)

photography and words are often my medium of choices but i also work with sounds, collages and performance.
more and more i work with musicians too and i love what it gave birth to.

i was trained both as a visual artist and as a multimedia reporter.
i became a multimedia artist working at the border between creation and non fiction.

here is a selection of my latest work.

theater :

. Ebène, monologue for a young slave (writer, performer, video)


photography & cinema :

. Portraits

. Carte blanche / La Septième Obsession

. location scouting: Onsen

. set photography:

  • Tramontane, by Vatche Boulghourjan (Lebanon, 2015)

  • Un certain Nasser, by Antoine Waked & Badih Masaad (Lebanon, 2017)

  • Sun, by Jonathan Desoindre & Ella Kowalska (France, 2018)

personal work & researches :

. sanguine (fragments of a mixed media novel)

. sogni d’oro (an investigation on dreamers)

. je vous embrasse sans crainte (artist’s book)


latest artistic residencies & exhibitions :

. les philosophes (exposition)

. le murmure du lion (exposition)

published fiction:

. Les corps indociles (premières pages, publiées dans la revue WIP, éditions Karthala)

. Zelie Dantor 1, nouvelle (Pleine Vie, Editions Mondadori)

. Zelie Dantor 2, nouvelle (Pleine Vie, Editions Mondadori)

film diary

english journal