Bodies & landscapes at the 2019 Fête du Slip in Lausanne

Here we are, back from dowtown Lausanne and the exciting film & performing arts festival La Fête du Slip, boldly run by siblings Stéphane & Viviane Morey.

After eight feature films watched in the Arsenic Contemporary Peforming Arts Center & three days of passionate discussion on the possible ways to represent various bodies, desires and sexualities on screen with my brilliant fellow jurors – Swedish director Marit Östberg & Swiss producer Flavia Zanon – here is our palmares…

(Let’s observe first that strangely enough, the two films that moved us so much we wanted to reward them both found a beautiful and organic way to film bodies as part of the landscape and the landscapes as bodies, all of them deserving to be cherished.)

Special mention: Obscuro Barroco, by Evangelina Kranioti (France, Greece)

A film where pictures, sounds and texts merge in a hypnotic way, where metamorphosis is seen and shown as an act of creation, where bodies, all bodies, aging bodies, queer bodies, are celebrated  trough their own gaze. 

The film is also a gorgeous homage to Clarice Lispector’s words, to the city of Rio and to beautiful souls whose light is never so bright than at night. 


Slip d’or: Las hijas del Fuego, by Albertina Carri (Argentina)

A wild, sexy, tender and empowering odyssey, a joyful call to riot and to crush patriarchy. 

A film that finally dares portraying different kinds of desires, different kinds of bodies and where relationships are built on generosity, sex, sisterhood, trust and a lot of humor. 

 (And what a better place than the Fête du Slip to reward a film that reflects on the ways porn cinema can be subversive?)


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