2018 in… 12 portraits

i’m not even done exploring the 2018 files on my hard drives. so who knows if your face won’t pop up on my screen very soon ?

photography is a diary that often awakens my memories in an even more intense way than words. looking back at those images i suddenly feel snowflakes on my neck or sand in my shoes. and i can hear every voice i spent a bit of time with.

here are 12 of the many portraits i took last year.

12 mementos.

to every person who let me capture a litte something of them, thank you !


katarina tomkova, muse of mine
a few seconds before we got our whiskies served
by a young man named
“love of the ocean”
(les arcs, winter 2018)


claire burger, director
a woman in a million
(les arcs, winter 2018)


mads mikkelsen, actor
right before i asked him to
make himself confortable
close his eyes
dream in front of my camera
(cannes, spring 2018)


alice rohrwacher, director
that day, a beautiful one
that saw both of us a bit on edge,
we reflected on what being “sucessful” means

(paris, autumn 2018)


clémence poésy, actress
we talked about patti smith,
italian cinema.
she reminded me how charisma can be elegant & soft
(les arcs, winter 2018)


françois hollande, ex french president
after he finished reading every newspaper available that day
we discussed memoirs,
barack obama
& our first encounter in 2004
(france, 2018)


corine, singer
she says she’s “the typical girl next door”
ha ha
(cannes, spring 2018)


riccardo scarmacio, actor
he was distracted
i pretended to be bothered
but i actually loved that he didn’t pretend to be in the mood
(cannes, spring 2018)


nadia turincev & julie gayet, producers
thanks to them my world is rouge like an orange
and maybe yours too
(paris, winter 2018)



malcolm mcdowell, actor
he’s a true gentleman who drinks cafe latte
since him i added “malcolm blue” to my color pallet
(paris, summer 2018)


lolita chammah, actress
what i love about lolita:
her baffling honesty
her irresistible self-mockery
her inspiring determination
(les arcs, winter 2018)


tiphaine daviot, actress
we’ve been chasing the light and she taught me
how to soak up sun trough the palms of my hands
god did we laugh that day…
(les arcs, winter 2018)

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